When Both Partners are Involved in Married Dating

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: April 1, 2015


Although affairs are often looked upon in a negative light, there are many couples who have an open marriage and do not see sex with other people as detrimental to their union. In fact, many couples embark on married dating as a joint venture and the vast majority of those who do say that it strengthens their marriage.

Personal views of relationships

The way we view relationships is often shaped by the expectations of society. In many countries, it is the social norm for couples to remain in a monogamous relationship. However, not everyone shares this view of what constitutes a good and healthy marriage. There are many couples that do not want to restrict themselves to only having sexual relations with the one partner.

Fulfilling a fantasy

For some couples, the thought of their partner having an adult erotic encounter with another person is sexually exciting. This may be what instigates a couple signing up to an adult dating site in the first place. Providing they state in their adult personals advertisement that they are just looking for some no strings attached fun and are not interested in a sexual relationship that involves emotional attachment, then adult dating can be a great way to fulfil this fantasy.

Variety is the spice of life

Sometimes, couples decide that married dating will add a bit of variety to their sex life. They are in a happy and loving relationship, but feel that the physical side of their marriage has become a bit routine and boring. They feel that experiencing sexual encounters with other people will broaden their horizons and add some variety back into their sex life. It is an opportunity to get some new experiences and learn new techniques that they can then share with each other.

Chances are good that it will help them to reinvigorate their love life and add the excitement they once felt with each other. This does not mean that they no longer feel close to each other physically or do not enjoy sex with each other; it is simply a way to explore new ideas and gain some fun and exciting new experiences.

Mutual agreement and boundaries

If you decide as a couple that you want to get involved with married dating, it is important that you discuss with each other the expectations that you have from the experience. You should both be in mutual agreement that this is something you want to do and talk to each other about boundaries and limitations. If there are specific things that would upset you if your partner was to do them, then you need to let each other know. If you have any concerns about adult dating, it is important that you raise these before you start your journey. Trust is an important element in any joint affair dating venture being successful.

So long as a couple are both in mutual agreement that they want to explore sex with other people and they have set their boundaries, there is no reason why a married couple should not get a lot of fun and excitement out of embarking on a married dating journey together.

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