What Women Want From Married Dating

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: July 29, 2015


Not every woman wants a monogamous relationship. Some women are keen to explore their sexuality outside of their marriage. Each woman’s reasons for seeking extramarital sex is different, but there are some common motivations for women choosing this type of dating. Here is what women usually want from a married dating experience.

An escape from responsibilities

Women often face many different responsibilities in their day-to-day lives. Pressures at work, family commitments, marriage, domestic duties and a social life can all mean that women find it difficult to get some time just for them and can often feel stressed. Adult dating offers a release from the constant pressure they feel, and it allows them to escape with time devoted to their own needs.

Fun and excitement

Fun and excitement are two other things that women are looking for from married dating. This is especially the case if they are bored at home, either in their relationship or from their daily routine.

Variety in their routines

If a woman’s home life is pretty mundane and each day is the same as the last, then she will want to have some variety in her routine. The same applies to her sex life. Sex can become boring in a long-term relationship and the spark that was once in the relationship may have gone. Adult dating is a way for women to add the spice back into their sex life and leave their boring routines behind.

Opportunities for sexual experimentation

A further motivation for women to get involved in affair dating is to have the opportunity to experiment sexually. They may want to live out a fantasy or try out new sexual techniques. Their spouse may not be willing to try new things or their sex life may generally have become stale. Online dating gives women the chance to read adult personals in order to find someone she thinks she will be compatible with, someone who shares her sexual preferences.

No strings attached sex

When a woman’s sex life is lacking but she doesn’t want to get emotionally involved with someone who is not her husband or long-term partner, then affair dating offers the perfect solution. Many women who join sites such as Marital Affair simply want to enjoy the pleasures that a physical relationship can bring without any commitment or responsibilities.


Finally, a woman may want little more than some attention from her married dating experience. If she is feeling abandoned, unloved or neglected in her relationship, then this type of dating may give her what she feels she needs and deserves.

Why a woman joins a married dating site and what she wants from the experience is individual to each woman. However, some of the common things women want from their dating experience include commitment-free sex, fun, excitement, variety, attention, an escape and the opportunity for experimentation.

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