Ute Club – How I Turned my Pickup into a Passion Wagon

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: December 9, 2013

Prepare yourselves for another incredible adult dating members’ story about affairs and sexual encounters.


Aussie’s are famous for a lot of things but cheese isn’t one of them. I was trying to change all that selling artisan cheeses that I made on my dairy farm just outside of Canberra. Now Canberra is a big place so to spread the word about my produce I decided to drive around selling cheese door to door at the hundreds of rural homes in the area.

So I started by customising my Ute. I built a roof to go over the cargo hold, made it air tight and filled it with refrigerated boxes. Now, one day as I was driving along a country road, I saw a girl in the distance. Wearing the tiniest pair of cut off denim shorts and a skin tight singlet, even from so far away I could tell she was hot.

I’m not one for affairs and one night stands, but this girl made my brain go into overtime. As I got closer and she put her thumb out, I couldn’t believe my luck. I screeched to a halt and told her to get in. wow! She was incredible, she looked like she’d come straight off a calendar hanging in some grease monkey’s garage.

Now this Sheila certainly knew how to talk. She chewed my ear off telling me all about her life, how she was travelling across the country before uni and how she’s worked as a table dancer to pay for her trip.

I told her about my cheese and she said she wanted to try some. So I pulled over the Ute and went into the back to get her a sample. I climbed in and opened a cool box, took out a lump of cheese and turned around.

There she was, right in the back of my Ute, smiling ear to ear. She was crouching on her knees and as I sat there frozen she started to lift up her vest, pulling it off and revealing an incredible chest. She crawled towards me on her hands, pushed me down onto the floor and she was on top of me.

I hadn’t said a word and she was kissing me all over, working her way down my body and slowly pulling off my daks. Well, I didn’t have to say anything for her to know I was enjoying this and we had an incredible time in the back of my Ute.

Chicks I’d been with before hadn’t really known their way around a man’s body, but this girl was a whole different animal! She did everything and let me do everything to her. By the time we emerged back into the open air dusk was falling. We’d been in there for hours.

We drove to the next town in silence and I dropped her off at a diner on the outskirts. As she jumped down from the truck I took one last long look at her incredible body, making sure I’d committed her to memory. She turned, smiled and said ‘see ya around’ and disappeared into the diner.

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