Top Tips for Talking Dirty on an Adult Dating Site

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: October 23, 2014

adult dating and talking dirty
Flirting is a fun part of
adult dating and building up attraction with the opposite sex. It takes quite a bit of confidence to be able to able to not only flirt, but talk dirty. Talking dirty in your online adult dating chats can be a real turn on for the right person, but you have to be careful that you know where the line is.

You need think about what you want to get out of talking dirty to someone on an adult dating site. Are you trying to turn them on, are you trying to get laid or are you trying to see what they are into? You should use your flirting to set yourself up to achieve whatever end game you have in mind. If you’re trying to turn someone on by talking dirty then you should know some of what they would be into and what may interest them sexually, try to avoid experimenting or you may turn them off mistakenly. You can easily attain some of this info from their dating profile on the site.

If you’re fishing to see how kinky someone is, your dirty talk should take the form of questions and should be very flirtatious and suggestive. Once you get some info that peaks your interest make sure to capitalize on it. When trying to use dirty talk to get laid after you have decided to meet your adult dating match you should be setting up the mood through touches, caresses and kissing as much as you can to make the other person horny and more interested in doing the things you are talking about.

Top tips for talking dirty

  • If you’re flirting online, make sure to use proper English and spell correctly, even when adult dating, no one likes an idiot.
  • Make sure you draw a clear line of what you think is too far or offensive.
  • Try to ask questions that make them imagine a sexual act and talk about it.
  • Avoid suggesting anything violent or BDSM unless it’s previously come up in conversation.
  • Combine your dirty talking with sensual and suggestive touches whenever possible.
  • Try being more flirtatious than explicit.
  • Be sure to use a sensual tone when you talk, try speaking slow and deliberately.

Examples of talking dirty

  • I don’t want to kiss you there, I want to kiss you… right there….
  • If I could do anything to make you squeal out loud, what would it be?
  • If I pinned you up against the wall right now, what would you do?
  • What is the quickest way to get into your pants, and can we skip to that?
  • I want to kiss you until you cream yourself…
  • What is it going to take for me to see your “O Face”?
  • Show me your sexiest pose
  • Stop looking at me. Every time you do I get so horny I have to stop myself from jumping you
  • Every time you kiss me I get a little wet
  • I want you to kiss every inch of me and don’t stop till I’m curled up in a heap on your bed

Perfecting the art of talking dirty can do wonders for your sex life. Why not try out some of the above and see where they lead you.

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