Top Sex Positions for Men

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: October 2, 2014

Attention, all women who want to give their male affair dating partner the most thrilling orgasms possible to make this experience even hotter.  Sometimes changing things up a bit can add a level of new thrills and excitement.  Finding the best possible positions can help you to guide him to the point of insanity before and during his orgasm.  Here are the top rated positions for bringing a man to a spectacular climax.

sex positions for men

  • Doggie style

It’s no shock to see this one on the list. Getting into this position allows a man to deeply penetrate the woman.  When the woman squeezes her buttocks together, the walls of the vagina tighten giving him more friction as he thrusts.  This is one of the favorite positions chosen by men.  It’s easy to make variations by changing the angle and height that the woman is at for different sensations.

  • Speed bump

If you’re in the mood for a quickie, this position fits the bill to a tee.  Woman lies out on her stomach with a support such as a pillow under her abdomen.  This allows for a bit of a lift for a unique angle for entry.  The man lies on top of the woman and spreads her legs and then enters. This allows for deep penetration and intense friction on the penis.  It also gives the man good maneuverability for thrusting at different angles as he pleases for maximum contact.

  • The full spread

The man lies on his back while the woman gets on top of him. She spreads her legs out as far as they will go.  The woman balances herself by placing her hands on his chest while rocking back and forth.  This position gets him as deep inside as he can get, plus he doesn’t have to do much of the work for this one. Bonus!

  • Reverse cowgirl position

This position is guaranteed to drive men wild.  He lies on his back and drops his legs over the edge of the bed. The woman climbs on top of him facing away from him, and straddles him with her legs folded on either side of his hips.  She leans forward with her arms resting atop of his legs.  The penis is pointed down and he enters her.  She then rocks back and forth on top of him, giving him the ride of his life.

  • The Bridge position

The man sits on a chair or the edge of the bed with his legs extended and feet resting on a table or step stool.  The woman sits on top of him facing towards him and he enters her.  She throws one leg over his body and steadies herself with her hand and turns, giving him a few careful but powerful thrusts as she moves to face the opposite direction.  The sensations that he feels are out of this world.

By using a few of the many different sex positions that are best suited for getting a man off in grand style, women can bring their men to a mind blowing orgasm that they’ll not soon forget.  Changing it up now and then can also add an element of surprise which adds a new thrill that could quickly become a favorite maneuver.

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