Top 3 Reasons that Lead to Sex Dating

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: March 25, 2015


Each person has their own reasons for embarking on an affair. Sometimes it is something that just happens unplanned and other times people make a conscious decision to find someone to share some adult fun with outside of their marriage. Although everyone is different, here are the top three reasons that lead to sex dating:

1) Boredom

Boredom is one of the major reasons why married people try adult dating. Once they have been married for a while, they get fed-up with their mundane day-to-day routines. Work and family commitments can often mean that people feel under pressure and obligated to complete certain tasks and they may feel that nothing exciting is happening in their life.

When the boredom kicks in, they also begin to feel underappreciated – as though their partner isn’t giving them enough attention. As a result, they may turn to an adult dating site and post their adult personals advertisements to get the fun, attention and appreciation they feel they deserve. Who can blame them?

2) Lack of sex within a marriage

Sex is another major motivation for people getting involved in sex dating. If they aren’t getting sexual satisfaction from their marriage, they start to look elsewhere. In many marriages, the sex becomes less frequent as the stresses and strains of work pressures or looking after children takes its toll. While one partner may be happy with this situation, the other partner is often not. Naturally, it is the partner who desires a more regular sex life that is the one who will look elsewhere.

Sometimes, however, a lack of sex is not necessarily the problem. Sex within a marriage can often become routine, and for some people routine means boring. They want to experiment with different things and enjoy some fun and excitement in the bedroom. If their partner is unwilling to get creative and try new things, they will seek a partner who is up for a bit of experimentation and no strings attached fun.

3) Curiosity

For some people the reason they try sex dating is little more than curiosity. It might be something they have always wanted to try or it may even be a personal fantasy of theirs to get involved in a little extramarital action. It could even be that they may have innocently come across a dating site and felt the compulsion to find out more. For others, they simply want the chance to give it a try once, just so they have the chance to get this experience out of their system. When people try adult dating out of curiosity, it is often a short-term thing, but others catch the bug and it can become a more long-term pleasure.

Each marriage is different and the reasons why someone decides they want to try sex dating are individual to them. However, the top three reasons are usually the ones stated above. So, if any of these ring a bell you know what to do – sign up to Marital Affair today!

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