The Difference between Swinging and Married Dating

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: June 4, 2015


Not all sexual relationships are the same. While some people choose to have a monogamous relationship, for others this is just not a feasible option. If a monogamous lifestyle is not your ideal way to live, there are many different options open to you. Two options are married dating and swinging, but these are often confused. Although both involve relationships that are not monogamous, there are actually some differences between these two different types of sexual relationships. Here is how they differ.


First of all, you should know some of the different terminology used that relates to these types of relationships in order to avoid confusion. Married dating is often referred to as adult dating, affair dating and sex dating. Swinging is sometimes called wife swapping or ‘The Lifestyle’.

Married dating

One of the biggest differences is that adult dating often only involves one half of the marriage or long-term relationship seeking an extramarital affair. This is something that they usually keep a secret from their partner. However, if their other half does know, it is normally something that is agreed upon but that they do not want to be involved with. If both partners are involved in affair dating, then it is usually something they will do separately with each person finding their own partner, either using adult personals or an adult dating site such as Marital Affair.

With married dating, there is often only one sex partner at any given time. Sometimes this may be a one-off sexual encounter, other times it is a more permanent relationship. Within this relationship, emotional ties are limited and the experience is just about the physical side of the relationship.


Swinging, on the other hand, is something that both parties in a marriage or long-term relationship embark on together as a shared experience. They will be in mutual agreement that they can have sexual relationships with other people. Rather than being a secret, couples who enjoy swinging will often attend events and venues together and they’ll have the opportunity to meet the person their partner will be enjoying sex with on that occasion. In this sense, swinging is very different to married dating.

Some couples form long-term swinging partnerships with another couple by mutual agreement and will only swing between themselves. Other swinging couples will swing with others within a group. Many couples enjoy the excitement of swinging with new partners on a regular basis. There is no strict rule as to how many people can join in the action or where they must be, so sometimes more than one couple is having sex in the same room and they may switch partners’ midway through or share the experience with many others.

Every relationship is different and monogamy is not something that appeals to everyone. Married dating and swinging are just two options open to people who do not want to have sex with only one partner for the rest of their lives.

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