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Aussie’s Infidelity On the Increase

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Australian Boobs FlagInfidelity is often considered to be the ‘ultimate betrayal’ but according to this year’s Australian Sex Census, more of us are at it than ever before. When Sam* started to suspect her husband of cheating, she decided to get proof before she started making accusations. She purchased spyware and fitted it to her home computer. Sam discovered that her other half was sending intimate messages to a mystery woman via a secret email account. But instead of confronting him, she hired a private investigator who took a covert video of her husband wining and dining another woman, then taking off to a hotel room. Sam got her proof but was completely devastated by the news. Read More

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Is it time to cheat?

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couple in bed having an affairThese days you can’t get away from sex. It’s in headlines, on every billboard and all over the internet – and everyone’s getting more than you, right? Wrong! In fact in the majority of long term relationships sex is a bi-weekly or weekly event, but what if it’s completely non-existent? It’s easy to assume that in a sexless marriage, it’s the man doing all the begging. In actual fact lack of sex in a long term relationship is a problem affecting thousands of women across the US, but is lack of sex really a reason to cheat? Read More

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