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Have an extramarital affair where you’re in control

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Men who want to have an extramarital affair often dream of having a woman who does what they want when they want it.  Women often dream of having a boy toy that they can play with whenever they feel like it.  This kind of relationship may be hard to find, but it will be well worth the wait for the person who goes out and finds the right kind of partner for them.  When you are in control of your affair, you get to have all the fun and none of the mess.

have an affair

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Increase your confidence, have an affair!

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Many people have issues with confidence. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of the population that go through the majority of their lives with a lack of confidence, as well as a lack of general happiness. Sometimes this is because of some issue that happened long ago but many times it can be attributed to trying to make an unhappy marriage work. Unfortunately, many people who are not happy in their marriage, yet try to make it work, end up being extremely unhappy themselves – and with almost every aspect of their lives. This has a negative impact on their confidence. To make matters worse, their significant other may be directly responsible for their lack of confidence, especially if the marriage has a great deal of animosity in it.

austrailian woman having an affair

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Thornbirds Musical Revisits Famous Affair

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Colleen McCullough is perhaps Australia’s most well-known author, having made millions and achieved notoriety around the world for her epic affair novel ‘The Thornbirds’. But the chain smoking writer hated the mini-series of her book, which became the most watched television show of all time, labelling it ’instant vomit’.

Colleen McCullough

In a recent interview with the UK’s Mail, McCullough said the stars of the series, Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward, were both wrong for their parts, going on to say that Ward couldn’t ‘act her way out of a paper bag’.

According to the author, who is in the UK putting the finishing touches to a musical version of her story which is expected to set the West End stage alight, the series was filmed in Hawaii with only one Kangaroo and all the actors bar Brian Brown sounded American.

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Cheating – Forgive Him or Forget Him?

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Affairs happen – and it’s becoming ever more likely that if someone is cheated on, they’ll forgive their partner. But a lot of people are still agog when a wife forgives her cheating husband or vice versa and it’s often difficult to garner support from your friends and family if you decide to let an affair go.

forgive an affair

The truth is it’s entirely up to you as to whether you forgive and forget or decide to end your relationship.

34 year old Isabelle decided to forgive her husband when she discovered he’d cheated on her with a colleague. Her blog details her experiences and has proved to be a huge support to other people who have experienced cheating.

According to Isabelle, there’s a lot of pressure placed on people who have been cheated on to automatically call time on their relationship, but often, that’s not what they really want. She says that deciding to forgive her husband was ‘a very simple decision’ because he was ready and willing to do everything in his power to remedy his mistake. Read More

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Infidelity – Aussies Take a Leaf Out of France’s Book

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A recent global survey which questioned attitudes to sex found that the French were the most tolerant of the concept of having an affair, whilst countries including Ghana, the Philippines and Brazil proved to be the least tolerant. Australia came in around 12th on the list, which surveyed more than 50 countries, an increase on their placing when the last survey was conducted.

australian affair

According to the pole, more than 60% of French women and 75% of French men think affairs are acceptable, whilst more than two thirds of all those questioned said they would forgive their partner for cheating. A countrywide poll perfectly demonstrated the liberal Gallic attitude to sex when thousands of people across the country were asked if they though the French Prime Minister’s recent affair should have any bearing on his resounding office. The French people returned a resounding no and attested that the premier’s job should not be harmed due to his private life.

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Miranda Kerr Flies Solo After Orlando Split

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miranda kerrAustralian model and actress Miranda Kerr announced her split from husband of three years Orlando Bloom late last Thursday night, but the evening before news of the split broke the star was seen out on the town minus her wedding ring partying as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

The 30 year old mother of one appeared happy and relaxed when she attended the Vogue Fashion Fund/CFDA annual dinner in Los Angeles on Wednesday evening. Bizarrely, whilst the former Victoria’s Secret Angel had removed her wedding band she was still sporting her engagement ring as she made small talk with Hollywood’s fashion royalty.

Selfie Says ‘I’m Ok’

The star also posted a number of pouty faced selfies on her Instagram page just a few hours before estranged husband Bloom’s representative made it official with an announcement on E! News. The snaps showed Kerr applying lipstick, looking very far removed from the image we’d expect from a woman who had just announced the end of a six year relationship and prompting some to wonder whether there is more to the break up than meets the eye, with an extramarital affair being cited as a possible reason for the sudden split.  Read More

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