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5 Reasons Why Dating Your Ex Is a Bad Idea

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affair dating

It may seem tempting to get back together with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend when you are looking for something outside of your marriage like an affair dating. After all, you once shared a passionate and emotional relationship, and those feelings don’t die completely. However, there are many reasons why dating your ex is a bad idea. Here are five of the biggest.

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Top Tips for Talking Dirty on an Adult Dating Site

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adult dating and talking dirty
Flirting is a fun part of
adult dating and building up attraction with the opposite sex. It takes quite a bit of confidence to be able to able to not only flirt, but talk dirty. Talking dirty in your online adult dating chats can be a real turn on for the right person, but you have to be careful that you know where the line is.

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Spot a Dud Adult Dating Lover Before You Hit the Sheets

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bad adult dating lover
No-one wants to start what they think will be a hot, steamy, sexually fulfilling adult dating affair, only to find they have chosen a lousy lover. Time spent with a lover is short, so who wants to spend it giving someone a basic sexual how-to lesson? Despite how sexy a potential partner comes across on a dating site, in an email or even during sexting, they may still turn out to be lousy in the sack. Here’s how to spot a dud lover before you hit the sheets.

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5 Tips for Maintaining a No Strings Marital Affair

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Married couples in affairs lay all kinds of ground rules for their extra-marital adult dating coupling. When you meet someone with whom you would like to have an affair with, both (or either) of you may bring up the option of a no strings attached relationship. This type of affair means not only is there no possibility of either party leaving their significant other, but both of you, should you choose, can have multiple affairs simultaneously. Here are five tips on maintaining a no strings attached affair.

long lasting marital affair

1. Be Clear From the Get-Go
Negotiating the waters of starting an affair is rarely easy, although very provocative and exciting. Whomever you want to begin a marital affair with, you need to be clear from the beginning that they will not be your one and only sexual partner. Never mislead someone. If the other party squirms, even in the slightest, or asks if you can re-visit the issue down the road, move on. They could be more trouble than they are worth.
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Increase your confidence, have an affair!

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Many people have issues with confidence. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of the population that go through the majority of their lives with a lack of confidence, as well as a lack of general happiness. Sometimes this is because of some issue that happened long ago but many times it can be attributed to trying to make an unhappy marriage work. Unfortunately, many people who are not happy in their marriage, yet try to make it work, end up being extremely unhappy themselves – and with almost every aspect of their lives. This has a negative impact on their confidence. To make matters worse, their significant other may be directly responsible for their lack of confidence, especially if the marriage has a great deal of animosity in it.

austrailian woman having an affair

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My Aboriginal Affair

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Living in Adelaide is great. There’s tons of sunshine, lots to do and people from all over the world to get to know. I’ve been with blokes from pretty much every race and creed, but I’d never dated an Aboriginal.

Aboriginal Affair

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not ruling out a long term relationship forever, but right now – and for pretty much the last five years, I’ve kept things casual with all the blokes I’ve met. I’m busy and I just don’t have the time for commitment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a little intimacy every now and again.

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Thornbirds Musical Revisits Famous Affair

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Colleen McCullough is perhaps Australia’s most well-known author, having made millions and achieved notoriety around the world for her epic affair novel ‘The Thornbirds’. But the chain smoking writer hated the mini-series of her book, which became the most watched television show of all time, labelling it ’instant vomit’.

Colleen McCullough

In a recent interview with the UK’s Mail, McCullough said the stars of the series, Richard Chamberlain and Rachel Ward, were both wrong for their parts, going on to say that Ward couldn’t ‘act her way out of a paper bag’.

According to the author, who is in the UK putting the finishing touches to a musical version of her story which is expected to set the West End stage alight, the series was filmed in Hawaii with only one Kangaroo and all the actors bar Brian Brown sounded American.

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Michelle Bridges: Commando Affair Won’t Harm My Career

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Affair Michelle BridgesAussie fitness entrepreneur Michelle Bridges hit the headlines last year following an affair with her Biggest Loser co-star Steve Willis, but in a recent interview the personal trainer and fitness guru said that she would not let the extramarital affair affect her career and attested that the recent difficulties she has suffered would only serve to make her stronger, commenting that she was looking forward to a number of exciting new business ventures this year.

Discussing her difficult year following the revelations of her infidelity with Willis, who is known as ‘Commando’, Bridges commented ‘that’s life’. She went on to say that we all have a professional and personal life but in most cases the two are kept separate, adding that she believed the public understand who she is and what she stands for.  Read More

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Cheating – Forgive Him or Forget Him?

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Affairs happen – and it’s becoming ever more likely that if someone is cheated on, they’ll forgive their partner. But a lot of people are still agog when a wife forgives her cheating husband or vice versa and it’s often difficult to garner support from your friends and family if you decide to let an affair go.

forgive an affair

The truth is it’s entirely up to you as to whether you forgive and forget or decide to end your relationship.

34 year old Isabelle decided to forgive her husband when she discovered he’d cheated on her with a colleague. Her blog details her experiences and has proved to be a huge support to other people who have experienced cheating.

According to Isabelle, there’s a lot of pressure placed on people who have been cheated on to automatically call time on their relationship, but often, that’s not what they really want. She says that deciding to forgive her husband was ‘a very simple decision’ because he was ready and willing to do everything in his power to remedy his mistake. Read More

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My Extra Marital Affair in Melbourne

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As a serial monogamist I’ve pretty much always had a boyfriend, until my last relationship that is. After a very painful split I decided it was time to be single for a while and as far as I was concerned that meant no sex.


Well, my collection of sex toys kept me satisfied for a while, but before long, I was craving a bit of real human contact and desperately in need of a fella. But how could I go about getting what I needed without acquiring a carbuncle (or boyfriend) around my neck?

One day I was surfing the net when I saw an ad for a Marital Affair website and it suddenly struck me that an illicit affair could work for me, because I knew I didn’t want to start a relationship with anyone, I just wanted to get my rocks off! Read More

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