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Finding a Sexually Compatible Partner on an Adult Dating Site

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Most people who join an adult dating site are looking for no strings attached sex. They are not interested in finding a long-standing committed relationship; they are purely looking for sexual gratification. If this is an experience you are looking for, you will need to find a sexually compatible partner so that you can fully enjoy your time together.

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My Erotic Adelaide Adventure

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Last month we sent out a competition newsletter to a handful of members asking them to share their stories of using our adult dating service and asked them to turn it into a piece of creative writing. We read through hundreds of stories and although the decision was hard this was consistently voted the best, so congrats to Rob for this piece of work and enjoy your free month of membership.

My Erotic Adelaide Adventure

rob marital affair memberSheep, hills, sun. More sheep, more hills, more sun. Life can get pretty dull for an Adelaide farmer and when you’re driving round your land in your beat up old Ute, it’s hard not to let your mind wander onto matters of a sexual nature.

I’m not a bad bloke, but when me and the Sheila got hitched I was as innocent as one of my lambs and she was about 50lbs lighter and fifty times nicer. As I got older, took over the farm and started spending more and more time alone, my thoughts kept returning to one fantasy – a desire that I knew I could never share with the ball and chain.

Have you ever felt like just giving it all up, getting rid of all your power and just being led? Well, after a chance viewing of a doc about S&M late at night, I suddenly realised what I’d been missing and what I’d been craving all these years.  Read More

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Adult personals are the best way to find a mate

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Just waiting for a mate memeAdult personals are a great thing for people in today’s day and age. More and more people are discovering those with similar tastes, likes and dislikes and are forming no strings attached relationships with the help of adult personals portals. These kind of sites also make it a lot easier for people to shed their inhibitions and get in touch with people they would like to connect with.

It is a common myth, which passes from friend to friend that adult personals are filled to the brim with men and that there are very few women who are listed on such sites. This statement cannot be further from the truth. There are a lot of gender imbalance myths which are prevalent but they are just that – myths. Read More

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Adult dating advice for shy guys

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It can often happen that a guy wants to approach a woman but is able to say things only in his head. The problem for quite a few guys is that they feel afraid of women and are very wary of making the wrong comments in their presence. Adult dating by nature is a very different scenario and requires a certain element of energy and the right moves. It is not about what you say to a girl, it is about how you say it.

Shy Guy Adult DatingAdult dating or Adult personals require a little self introspection as well as an understanding of reality. So if you have any high preconceptions about ‘the’ most beautiful woman or ‘the’ most perfect woman who would want just what you want then you had better get hitched to a telepathic woman or a crystal ball gazer.

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