Stay Safe Online While Finding That Next Affair

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: July 31, 2014

One of the ironies of the information age is that there are scoundrels lurking behind every virtual corner trying to swipe your personal information. On the one hand, this shouldn’t be a surprise, as thievery is just about as old as time itself. However, the modern highwayman is not lurking on the moor, waiting for the next carriage full of passengers to happen by. Rather, he is lurking in every online dating corners he can, waiting for the next chance to steal information or perhaps do things that are even more diabolical.

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Personals websites are particularly susceptible for this sort of danger. After all, the ultimate goal of a conversation is an in-person meeting. The vast majority of people who go onto personals sites, no matter whether they’re single or married, are just looking for some fun. Unfortunately, there are some people who take advantage of that. This means that you need to take some precautions when communicating with others online.

1. Always set up your first meeting in a public place. You might have gotten all hot and heavy in a chat session with someone, but the reality is that until you’ve met in person, you don’t know what that person looks like, or what his or her personality is really like. Don’t go to a stranger’s home straight away, and don’t invite a stranger to your home. If a potential partner isn’t willing to meet up at a pub for a pint or a glass of wine before that hot roll in the hay, that’s a big red flag.

2. Use a chat app instead of a phone number. If you give out your mobile number (or especially your landline), you’re giving out information that a crook can use to steal other data of yours. Instead, sign up for one of the many confidential chat apps that you can easily use from your phone, such as Kik or SnapChat. Then you can talk back and forth before that first meeting, but the other person still doesn’t know how to find you until you are ready.

3. Let a friend know where you’re going. You’ve just finished talking to someone who’s ready to rock your world, and you’re about to skedaddle out the door for a quick drink first. Just to be on the safe side, let a friend know where you’re going. Even if it’s a text that says, ‘Heading to the Goose & Gander for a quick drink with a hottie,’ someone knows where you are. That way, if the worst happens, people will be able to find you. Also, if things start to go wrong while you’re there, you can have a signal for that friend to text you and say that you have to go home.

Remember that the Internet is a lot less anonymous than people think, largely because of the information that people choose to share while they’re online. Be smart and safe with your information, so that your affair is fun — rather than a nightmare.

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