Spot a Dud Adult Dating Lover Before You Hit the Sheets

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: October 17, 2014

bad adult dating lover
No-one wants to start what they think will be a hot, steamy, sexually fulfilling adult dating affair, only to find they have chosen a lousy lover. Time spent with a lover is short, so who wants to spend it giving someone a basic sexual how-to lesson? Despite how sexy a potential partner comes across on a dating site, in an email or even during sexting, they may still turn out to be lousy in the sack. Here’s how to spot a dud lover before you hit the sheets.

An adult dating affair is a two way street. If a potential lover can only talk about themselves, how much they earn, how much the boss loves them, how many other lover’s they have had, and especially how good they are in bed, then run! Really good lovers will want to spend more time showing you than telling you!

The nervous Nina/Nigel

Affairs are not the time to act like your puritan aunt or your monk brother. While playing a little hard to get might initially add excitement to the start of an extra marital affair, acting the part of a nervous Nina or Nigel will only put the damper on any sexual activity. No-one, wants to hit the sack with someone who is too scared or nervous to relax and enjoy it.

Over 30 and lives at home

While we all know the economy has taken a beating, any man or woman over thirty who is still living at home with their parents is almost guaranteed to be a lousy lover. Whether it’s hang-ups from a failed marriage, business or career, there’s rarely an excuse to be living at home. This potential lover will undoubtedly have too many issues that will translate to lousy sex in the bedroom!

Expect you to plan everything

If a potential adult dating partner won’t participate in the planning of a secret rendezvous, or they expect you to make all the decisions as to how and when you will meet, they will almost undoubtedly be lousy in bed. Not only that, they will probably expect you to take the lead in bed, every time and be unspecific as to what they need for sexual fulfilment. Adult Dating Affairs take two to tango; pass on anyone who won’t fully participate.

Drinks too much

Who wants to go to bed with someone that is comatose from alcohol? If your potential lover starts hitting the booze during your first rendezvous, insists you drink with them, arrives intoxicated to your meeting place and then needs more Dutch courage in order to perform, then you know you’re in for lousy sex.

They tell you they have sexual issues

Not the first issue that comes to mind when thinking of starting affair dating, but some potential hottie may come straight out and tell you they have sexual issues. This could be anything from deviant fantasies through to only being able to have sex in one position or simply being frigid. While you may find the honesty refreshing, do you really want to waste time with this kind of lover?

Spotting a lousy lover before hitting the sheets isn’t always easy. Being honest and upfront about what you want, need and expect can go a long way to spotting a sexually dysfunctional lousy lover before you go to bed.

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