Sex Toys – Why the Taboo in Relationships?

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: August 21, 2014

The earliest sex toy that has been discovered by archaeologists was made out of flint (ouch!) and dates back to the Palaeolithic era over two million years ago. Yet, sex toys are still, in a lot of social circles, considered a taboo subject. The very words often have people pursing their lips and shaking their heads, never admitting that they might be one of the three in five couples who use a sex toy every time they make love. However, these sexual enhancers can do wonders for affairs. They give pleasure to both parties, break down inhibitions and allow a fling to become ultra-hot by acting out some hidden fantasies.

are sex toys taboo

This global industry rakes in some one and a half billion dollars per year. Their usage became more popular in the 1980’s possibly due to the increase in the home entertainment systems allowing people to enjoy pornography at home. Adult toy stores are now in most cities, and toys can readily and discreetly be bought on-line. So, why is there still the continual sniggering at the mere mention of their name? There are three primary reasons; lack of understanding, personal upbringing and the fact that in some countries, including parts of the USA, they are still illegal! 

Lack of understanding

Contrary to some long-held beliefs, dildo’s or vibrators are not just for lonely, horny housewives or old maids. Most men love to watch women play with themselves with a phallic symbol, whether through an online site or in person. Vibrators can be used on a woman by her man to make her orgasm or even on a man by a woman, before or during making love.

Restraints, such as furry cuffs, blindfolds, scarves and choker collars can all be used to enhance the sexual process in a modern relationship. Thanks to modern literature such as 50 Shades of Grey, bondage has stepped out of the dark ages. Restraining each other can be incredibly erotic, especially when one partner voluntarily turns over control to the other. Taking turns at being the one tied up can lead to an incredibly fulfilling sexual relationship or affair.

Puritan upbringing

For many people, however, sex in general can still be considered a taboo. Only the very basics of the act are discussed and both sexes are taught that sex is primarily for procreation, not recreation. Toys, if heard of at all, are believed to be something shameful and disgusting – how ridiculous. Chances are that the most supressed are the most rampant in the bedroom anyway!

Illegal in some places

Despite being the twenty-first century, sex toys are still illegal in some places. In Japan, for instance, it is illegal to make or sell any dildo or vibrator that looks like a penis – hence the invention of the rabbit, the two-eared pink dildo that has brought pleasure to thousands. In Alabama, the sale of sex toys is still prohibited and while Georgia has allowed them since the overturning of a law in 2006, a couple was still arrested in 2009 for possessing an assortment of adult items!

Used properly, and with mutual consent, couples can find new and improved ways to make love with the use of adult toys. Many sex stores now employ erotic toy consultants to help find couples the perfect toy for their perfect fantasy. So, don’t be shy, be adventurous.

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