Seduction: learning the art of getting a woman

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: January 12, 2013

SeductionHave you ever wished that you could approach that irresistible woman you saw in the bar last night but just not sure how you would have done it? Getting an attractive woman can prove to be a difficult task if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing. You may be a handsome man, with a great personality, but if you do not know how to seduce a woman, you may forever be admiring women from afar. Today, with many people indulging in casual sex and one-night stands via adult dating sites, it’s important to maximise your seduction techniques.

Sex should be hot and adventurous. If you can seduce a woman properly then you can have her eating out of the palms of your hands. Men who have perfected the art of seduction can get almost any woman they want.

What do men think?

Usually, men think that good looks and great conversation are enough to attract a woman. Well, this is where many men could be going wrong, as seduction plays a key role. Good looks alone cannot get a woman into your bed. The problem with some men is that they have low self confidence, which often leads them to use unimpressive chat up lines, especially if they’re with their friends.

A man with good self confidence knows how to play his cards right. These men are straightforward, smart and good looking. They don’t have to lie to get a woman- they rely on their honesty. Women love honest men, and the more you are open with them about your sexual desires, the more they are likely to be attracted to you.

Seduction is the game, and good players know exactly where and how to use the technique. So do you want to learn how to be more seductive? If the answer is yes, then here are a few techniques.

Physical attraction: Looking good is essential. Remember that a stylish and clean look can add to your seductive appeal perfectly. Look confident and feel confident. It is important to maintain good personal hygiene and use a pleasant smelling aftershave. Although you should look your best, you shouldn’t look as if you have spent hours in front of the mirror, as this can be a massive turn off for women.

Be approachable: A woman will only talk to you if you make her feel completely comfortable, and for this reason you should ensure that you present yourself in a non-threatening way. Avoid making sexual comments or innuendo’s the first time that you meet, as this can make you look sleazy and desperate.

Appeal: Ever wondered what attracts a woman so easily? Well, it’s all in the charm. If you come across as charming then you’re in with a great chance. If you are charmless, you really have no chance. Your charm will make her feel good about herself and make her feel extra special. Maintaining a good level of eye contact is essential- you should always look into her eyes when you are talking to her.

Emotional seductiveness: You should do your best to tap into a woman’s emotions. Show that you are interested in her, and that you care about her and what she has to say.

Being a good seducer can take years of practice. However, if you are interested in adult dating then it is a must, and you should try and practice your techniques at every available opportunity. However, there is a fine line between coming across as sincere and appearing over-enthusiastic and false, so you should bear this in mind at all times.


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