Why One Night Stands are a Part of a Healthy Sex Life

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: October 30, 2014

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I’ll bet that at some stage in your life, dear reader, you may have decided to participate in a one night stand – most likely more than once too ( that’s what affair dating is for). I’m not talking about drunken fumbles so much here, although there’s a good chance it may have been the happy ending to night out on the town – more I’m referring to having awesome and fun sex with a guy or girl on a one off basis. Difficult to admit isn’t it, considering that for some reason, and god knows why, we are so hung up about one night stands.

Quite often these one-off hook-ups are the best sexual experiences of our lives because there are no inhibitions or emotional respect issues to contend with. Quite simply, the point is to get your rocks off and walk away with a happy glow the next day. The good news is that there’s plenty of ways that one night stands are actually fantastic for your sex life.

Healthy sex is a way of thinking
Sure, sex with a loving partner is great and quite rightly a cornerstone of any healthy relationship, but that doesn’t mean that one night stands should be discounted. You need to go into the situation knowing what to expect and why you are doing it – 9/10 times it will be primal, carnal lust. If you’re set out for fun, zero commitment sex then there’s nothing wrong with that – and don’t let the inner prude tell you there is.

There’s no obligation
Once you’re all done, there’s no obligation to stay the night, cook breakfast or ‘go for coffee’ like you may feel with someone you’ve been chasing for a while because you fancy them as relationship material. Once it’s done you can walk out that door without exchanging numbers or anything, you’re the boss.

There’s a high chance of incredibly good sex
To put it quite bluntly sex in a relationship can very easily become a routine task because you sense each other’s limitations on how far to push things. We’re not really talking BDSM or anything here, it’s just that relationship sex is sometimes too easy – you know what to do to each other to get off, and it’s easier to advance-directly-to-go rather than take a little time to get there. Exploring a stranger, their limits and kinks, is without doubt the best feature of a one night stand and you may even learn something new too!

Feels good, doesn’t it?
That’s not the orgasm(s) talking – that’s all the hormones and endorphins rushing through your body, and also your brain giving you a massive ego boost. Fact is that you’re hot – you picked up a total stranger who fancied you without ever meeting you before. That means you look good and present yourself well, so give yourself a hearty slap on the back you sex bomb!

Free as a bird!
If, for whatever it’s been a while since your last sexual encounter then it can feel awesome to reset the clock and move on with invigorating your sex life. You scored, and nothing’s going to stop you now…

Secrets are sexy
Of course, there’s no need to tell anyone about your encounter if you don’t want to. In fact, most people don’t, preferring instead to save that experience for themselves. Naturally, some guys like to brag, but it’s easy to say to friends who may have seen you leave together that you just dropped your mate off in the taxi or whatever. It’s good to save some of your sexual memories just for you, especially the hottest ones.

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