Neighbours to Address Extramarital Affairs

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Posted: February 3, 2014

In a recent interview for Digital Spy, soap king Ryan Maloney, who plays Jared Rebechi in Neighbours, hinted that an extramarital affair storyline could be on the cards for him and his on screen wife.


Although he didn’t confirm or deny that the storyline would go ahead, Maloney hinted that Sonya and Toadie’s marriage may be due for a shakeup in order to keep audiences interested in the relationship.

Maloney explained that Eve Moray, who plays his wife Sonya on the show was very attached to the character and would hate the idea of Sonya cheating, whilst the strength of Toadie’s character lies in his integrity and desire to do the right thing, which means if an affair occurs in the relationship, it certainly won’t be cut and dried as to who is to blame.

Perhaps the Neighbours writers have picked up on the recent increase in Marital Affairs across Australia as studies show that more people than ever are deciding to cheat. According to a recent survey from the country’s most successful marital affair website, cheating is at an all-time peak in Australia and for the first time ever more women are embarking on affairs than men.

Soap expert Jean Grey thinks it’s likely that if the affair storyline goes ahead for Toadie and Sonya, it’s more likely that Sonya will be the one who embarks on the affair.

‘The role of women in Australia is changing fast, mainly due to the fact that more women are working which gives them more income, more independence and more confidence to go out and get the things they want, including sex.’

When the latest Marital Affair site launched in Australia, more women than men signed up for the first time ever and research shows that women are now also becoming more active than men on internet dating and extramarital affair sites.

Grey believes this is because women now have a more powerful position in society, which causes them to act in ways that you would normally expect from men.

‘Women have more authority these days and as breadwinners they also feel more entitled to enjoy their life the way they want to, which includes having affairs if they’re not satisfied with their sex lives. Whilst there was more stigma attached to a woman who cheated than there was for a man a few years ago, today, with a different celebrity affair in the news every day, most people don’t bat an eyelid at news of infidelity. In addition, an affair is less likely to lead to divorce than it once was, so women who choose to cheat are running less risk of jeopardising their relationship.’

Sam Smith, a marriage therapist from Perth, thinks European attitudes are also influencing Australian women.

‘Australia used to be a very conservative country but it’s becoming more and more liberal and many women are looking to the French marriage model, where affairs and infidelity are often seen as an expected part of a marriage or long term relationship.’

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