My Erotic Adelaide Adventure

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: October 29, 2013

Last month we sent out a competition newsletter to a handful of members asking them to share their stories of using our adult dating service and asked them to turn it into a piece of creative writing. We read through hundreds of stories and although the decision was hard this was consistently voted the best, so congrats to Rob for this piece of work and enjoy your free month of membership.

My Erotic Adelaide Adventure

rob marital affair memberSheep, hills, sun. More sheep, more hills, more sun. Life can get pretty dull for an Adelaide farmer and when you’re driving round your land in your beat up old Ute, it’s hard not to let your mind wander onto matters of a sexual nature.

I’m not a bad bloke, but when me and the Sheila got hitched I was as innocent as one of my lambs and she was about 50lbs lighter and fifty times nicer. As I got older, took over the farm and started spending more and more time alone, my thoughts kept returning to one fantasy – a desire that I knew I could never share with the ball and chain.

Have you ever felt like just giving it all up, getting rid of all your power and just being led? Well, after a chance viewing of a doc about S&M late at night, I suddenly realised what I’d been missing and what I’d been craving all these years. 

In a flash I knew what I was – a submissive – and I knew that if I wanted to be happy and get to the real me, I needed to find a dominatrix willing to take control and take advantage of me. The wife’s not known for her open mind, so I knew I’d have to keep my emerging desires under my hat.

So I turned to the net – and thank Christ I did! Within minutes I’d found a great site for people just like me, looking for extra marital affairs and exciting encounters. What really shocked me though was the huge number of hot chicks I found in Adelaide. I just couldn’t believe that all these sexy dominatrix types lived right on my doorstep.

I got chatting online to a few potential candidates and one in particular stood out. Jenny was a little younger than me, very pretty and very, very dominant. Within a few minutes of chatting online she’d got me so hot under the collar that I just had to meet her.

To make sure my new interests stayed under wraps we decided to meet at a bar a good distance from where I lived. She was a very forceful woman but I still wanted to make sure she felt safe so we met on a Thursday avo.

This Sheila certainly wasn’t backwards in coming forwards and within minutes of meeting she was telling me everything she wanted to do to me as I sat there open mouthed with my hat carefully placed on my lap!

Whoever invented the Motel was a pretty clever fella! Our first encounter happened that very afternoon and it completely changed my life! Now I see Jenny about once a week, I’m still happily married and my wife is none the wiser.

I’m happy and fulfilled and now when I’m driving round my land I’ve got plenty to keep my mind occupied and I get to enjoy an intense and incredibly erotic experience as little or as often as I want.

So if you’re frustrated, unsatisfied, bored or lonely then get online! You really can find yourself a Sheila as incredible as Jenny the Dominatrix and open a new, exciting chapter in your life.

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