Mistakes Men Make with Their Online Dating Profiles

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: July 17, 2014

It’s funny how setting up an online affair dating profile fills so many men with dread, because with a little understanding of what should be included – and what certainly ought not – guys will find themselves suddenly receiving a great deal more interest from prospective lovers. Before we get into the practicalities remember above all that by creating an online profile, looking for a discreet relationship is entering the Grand Slam of the dating scene. It requires a substantial amount of individual transparency coupled with good taste and an utmost respect for each other’s privacy. A successful profile ought to highlight all of these features, and demonstrate sheer reliability and sincerity above anything else.
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The first thing to remember is that while nobody will want to hear a life story, it’s crucial to make a profile readable, and ideally with an edge of humour and intrigue. While there’s no shortage of women engaged in looking to set up their affair, bear in mind that many men simply canvass every available lady with sudden propositions. These men will invariably fail, because when it comes to online married dating the cream always rises to the top. A good profile should be well worded, demonstrate intelligence and above all avoid portraying the ego through talking excessively about career, property, skills or sexual prowess. Be lucid and showcase imagination and self-deprecation.

Perhaps the biggest worry that men have when setting up their profile is the simple fact that they really need to upload a photo. It’s quite understandable how much of a worry this should be – after all you have no idea who will be browsing the site – and in many cases the best option is to delicately edit out facial features or use a non-headshot on a profile. It should go without saying that photos should be accurate and recent, and an important caveat of this ought to be a demonstrable willingness to share unedited photos with potential partners well before meeting up. Those brave enough to take the plunge will find they receive a huge amount of interest compared to those staying in the shadows of anonymity – it really is a personal call (that will not be missed by the ladies, BTW).

Newbies to the affair game may be rather surprised at the variety and quality of the ladies who are listed on the site, and should remember above all to be open and frank in their attempts to communicate with them.  The last thing that anyone wants when setting about fixing an affair is some chancer or opportunist who is looking to get a quick shag, while professing a desire for a long term secret relationship. Sure, sex is a big deal in any affair but always be upfront and never, ever automatically expect it after a given number of dates. A good profile should demonstrate without exception the utmost respect for the lady and a willingness to play the dating game.

Now just to confuse things – before going out there to write a Prince Charming profile, remember that whatever you write on a profile needs to be genuinely backed up by fact. Being a cheater does not provide a license to be a liar, and a successful affair will be based upon a genuine honesty regarding both positive and negative features.

As mentioned above, a good profile will be self-deprecating and honest. Also, make sure that you express what you feel that you will gain from engaging in an affair with the right person. If you explain what you are looking for in depth, and with total honesty, you are guaranteed to find the right match for you after a little searching. Go for it.

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