Mistakes Men Make on the First Date

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: August 14, 2014

Often some men wonder why they don’t get a second date during their affair dating marathon. In their minds a first date was successful. They are handsome enough and good company. So why won’t women go out with them again? The truth is that they likely made some key mistakes that they don’t realise set them up for failure.


Not showing enough interest

Being a nice guy or being shy is not an excuse for failing to communicate your interest in a woman. Women have to go through a lot in the dating world between filtering out undesirables, and making themselves attractive and presentable. That effort deserves to be rewarded. Compliment her and be genuine about it and specific. Don’t overdo this, but make sure that you are sincere and generous when doing so. Make sure she feels that she is attractive, interesting and desirable and make sure you are communicating this clearly and respectfully.

Not being confident

Confidence can make up for many underwhelming qualities. Confidence is usually ranked within the top 3 most attractive qualities in a potential mate. Be willing to talk to her, bring up topics and making the first move will show her that you can overcome being nervous to put her at ease and make sure she is having a good time while feeling safe and secure with you.

Talking too much about themselves

Many men tend to oversell themselves, drone on about topics they are interested in or boast about their success and accomplishments. There are ways to convey these things without bragging, and frankly less is more. You need to demonstrate that you are interested in her, and the most straightforward way to do that is to ask her questions and then follow up on the answers to those questions. Ask about things she enjoys or even about things she would like to try some day. This also serves the purpose of giving you an insight to activities for a second date that she would enjoy.

Talking about the wrong things

Avoid talking about former relationships at all cost. If you are asked directly, answer honestly and concisely, don’t feel the need to elaborate or defend your answers. This can be difficult but it is extremely important.

Not initiating physical contact

Everyone wants to feel attractive and desired, and women can be made to feel very insecure if you don’t show some level of physical attraction to them, compliments are nice but they are not enough. Many self-professed nice guys make this mistake, feeling that they are being respectful, but mostly it is a lack of confidence. Start by casually touching her when opening doors or pulling out chairs. If possible go in for a hug or even a kiss on the cheek at the beginning of the date to set the tone and make it easier to initiate this level of physical contact later.

So there you have it, five things to look out for when dating someone for the first time. If you feel that you are making one, or more, of these mistakes try to correct them the when you are out with someone new – you might just get a second bite next time.

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