Why Do Men Love Sexy Underwear So Much?

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: September 11, 2014

If there’s one thing that all men everywhere love, it’s sexy underwear and lingerie. With a variety of styles, almost any pair will do to put a man in just the right mood. There can’t be any doubt that one sure-fire way to spice things up during affair dating is to throw on something sexy. But why is it that men are so attracted to hot underwear and lingerie?

men love sexy underwear

1.     They’re form fitting

One of the big reasons that men are so turned on by sexy underwear is that it hugs perfectly to a woman’s body. While many of your outfits are probably designed to show off your curves and features, nothing does it better than a sexy piece of lingerie. Since men are turned on primarily by sight, it gives them something front and centre to look at. They love to be captivated by what they see.

2.     They leave something to the imagination

Though they’re designed to show off your assets, sexy underwear also has another perk: it leaves him guessing at what’s underneath. By showing just a taste of what he’s going to get, he’s going to be that much hornier when he imagines what’s underneath that bit of fabric. By getting his imagination working, you’ll be stimulating his need for something new and exciting. He also knows that soon enough, what he imagines will be right within his grasp to enjoy.

3.     There are endless styles to choose from

Whether it’s to show off your butt cheeks with a hot pair of red lace underwear or a see through pair that’s a little extra saucy, you have a lot of choices. Men love that so much can be conveyed with so little. The amazing thing about hot lingerie is that every choice is significant and there’s plenty to choose from. It’s often the excitement of seeing something new that turns men on. Even the colours are very symbolic: red for a little heat or black for some rebellion. Men love that you’ve taken the time to pick up just the right style and colour to get his blood pumping. The best part of it all? Only he gets to see that special pair.

4.     It says that you’re a woman, loud and clear

What says I’m a hot woman and proud of it better than showing off what’s underneath with confidence? For men, seeing you in sexy underwear is a reminder that you have something that is totally different than what he has – and he’ll know that he has to have it. Lingerie that highlights your perfect curves or draws attention to what he wants most is great for letting him know that he’s the man and you’re the woman. Not only are you going to get what you want, but he’s going to get exactly what he wants too. What man could resist such a thought?

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