Is Married Dating a New Phenomenon?

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: December 25, 2014

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If you think that married dating is a new phenomenon, then you may have a naive view of the hallowed institution. Back in ancient Greece, for example, married women and men would carry on affairs with their servants, both men and women, and married women would have affairs too. While monogamy plays well on the silver screen, in truth it is a reality that is just beyond human nature. We are sexual beings, and as individuals we move back and forth with different sets of needs. So, if you’re married and thinking about meeting a new flame, you’re far from alone. 

Bringing excitement back

Affair dating can be an exciting experience for all concerned, as long as you are honest. If you are married dating with someone else who is also married, as likely as not you can bring a new kindling back to your own lives while leaving your spouses to develop on their own as well. The period of time when a couple meets, and has that electric passion together, does not usually last very long – but, each time you experience it, it is fresh and new. This is why dating outside marriage is nothing new.

Think about the movie ‘The Madness of King George’, which portrays the brief period of insanity that almost led the British government to remove King George III from office. One of the questions that his wife asks him near the end of the film is if ‘married dating’, or keeping a series of lovers, would have helped him, as that was common practice for kings at the time. He answers that ‘every life has its regrets’, showing that he might well have wanted to indulge in a little affair dating himself!

Knowing what you want

So how can you make married dating exciting today? The good news is that you already have a settled home, so you’re not looking for someone to build a partnership with. You’re looking for someone to enjoy slinky nights between satin sheets in a hotel with you. You’re looking at romantic dinners for two on a balcony, far from that frumpy person who shares that king size bed with you. Often, the bedroom is where you feel most ignored, constantly playing second fiddle to your partners laptop, tablet or whatever else they’re paying attention to instead of you.

So find someone who turns you on, physically, intellectually, or through their accomplishments. Then find a way to get together. With the help of sites like Marital Affair, you can talk without anyone knowing what is going on, and you can find ways to get together and enjoy one another too. This is nothing new in the world of human relationships, and you owe it to yourself to enjoy life as much as you can. Hot, sizzling romance is only a few clicks and perhaps a phone call or two away!

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