Keeping Your Spouse and Your Adult Dating Partner Happy

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: June 18, 2015


Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will know how hard it is to keep your partner happy. When you have a long-term partner or spouse and also an additional person who you are having a sexual relationship with, this problem is doubled. Here are some tips for keeping both your spouse and your adult dating partner happy when you are adult dating.

Know both partners

To meet the needs of a partner and keep them happy, you must first understand that person. You will need to know the little things that can make them smile as well as what upsets them. Once you understand this, you can work towards keeping that person contented.

When you have a long-term partner and a sex dating partner, they will most likely have different personalities and preferences. You must be able to recognise these differences and act accordingly. You can find out more about your adult dating partner in advance by reading what they have put in the adult personals.

Be considerate

Not always selfishly thinking of your own needs and thinking of the needs of your partners is another personality trait that you must work on as you endeavour to keep two people happy. Think about their needs, what they expect from you and the way you treat them.

Take the time to talk and listen

Spending time talking to and listening to your spouse is all the more important when you are affair dating. If you fail to communicate with them properly or suddenly change the pattern of your interactions, they may become suspicious of your behaviour and suspect you are having an affair.

Equally, your adult dating partner will want you to talk to them. Even though your liaisons are based purely on the sexual side of a relationship rather than a committed emotional relationship, they will probably want to spend at least a small proportion of the time you spend together talking.

Spend time with each of them

Each of your partners will expect you to spend time with them. Even your sex dating partner is likely to want some of your time beyond any sexual activity. Your spouse should have the majority of your time, but your sex dating partner will also feel more wanted if you allocate a reasonable amount of time to them.

Sexual satisfaction

Unless your sex life with your spouse has completely ended, you will need to make sure that both your partners are completely sexually fulfilled as well as taking care of your own sexual satisfaction. It is only by doing this that you can keep everybody happy when you are adult dating.

When you start adult dating, you need to remember that you are now responsible for the happiness of two people who will have very different needs and expectations of you. Following these tips can help you to keep everybody content and make your life a whole lot easier.

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