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Posted: May 16, 2014

Many people have issues with confidence. Unfortunately, there is a large amount of the population that go through the majority of their lives with a lack of confidence, as well as a lack of general happiness. Sometimes this is because of some issue that happened long ago but many times it can be attributed to trying to make an unhappy marriage work. Unfortunately, many people who are not happy in their marriage, yet try to make it work, end up being extremely unhappy themselves – and with almost every aspect of their lives. This has a negative impact on their confidence. To make matters worse, their significant other may be directly responsible for their lack of confidence, especially if the marriage has a great deal of animosity in it.

austrailian woman having an affair

Having more confidence

Many people think that it is counterintuitive to accept the fact that having an affair can help a person gain more confidence. However, gaining confidence by having an affair is something that almost comes naturally when a person who is involved in an unhappy marriage finally finds someone who they can truly let down their guard with and be themselves. This automatically creates a type of very deep, personal confidence because the individual in question is no longer being faulted for everything that he or she says or does. In addition, it unsurprisingly increases one’s confidence when another person takes an intimate interest in them.
Finding happiness by gaining confidence

A confident person is happier than a person that is constantly lacking in confidence; that is an undisputed fact. Having an extramarital affair can increase both your happiness and your confidence at the same time. Finding somebody who is going to give you the attention that you deserve can make all the difference in the world to your life and mental state. When that fact is combined with the natural increase in confidence that comes with having an affair with someone that really cares, the power is there to transform an individual’s behaviour considerably. It can help them to express who they really are, instead of the person their husband or wife to wants them to be.
The thing that is important to remember throughout all of this is that no one really gets married with the idea that they will be miserable in their marriage, and the majority of people do not get married with the idea that they will have an affair any time soon. However, reality does not always work out the way that people would like to believe that it should. Sometimes having an affair is one of the best things that can ever happen to two people. It is typically in these types of situations that a person can find out who they really are, and who they are truly meant to be with.

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