Gwyneth ‘Affair’ Exposed by Vanity Fair

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Posted: November 25, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow vanity fairThere’s a media storm surrounding the forthcoming edition of Vanity Fair as rumours abound that the next issue will accuse Gwyneth Paltrow of having an affair with billionaire property developer Jeff Sofer, husband of Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson.

A spokesperson for Paltrow has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming that the pair are ‘just good friends’ but it’s believed that Vanity Fair have been conducting a detailed investigation into Paltrow’s private affairs since 2008, when she was caught looking cosy with Soffer at a Miami party.

The high end fashion magazine, which is not well known for probing investigative reporting, may also have delved into the ‘Sliding Doors’ actress’s friendship with a married literary agent, it was reported in the Daily Mail. 

The alleged infidelity is rumoured to have taken place at the opening of the Fontainbleau hotel in 2008 and according to the Mail, Vanessa Grigoriadis, contributing editor for Vanity Fair, sent a team of researchers to LA to question those close to the star about her relationships, but Paltrow warned friends not to speak to the magazine.

Soffer and Supermodel MacPherson Wed in 2012

Newlyweds Soffer and Macpherson were married last year, although the couple had previously split but rekindled their romance after Soffer was injured in a helicopter crash. They wed in a secret ceremony on the tropical island of Fiji and a spokesperson in attendance at the ceremony said ‘they are head over heels in love.’

Vanity Fair may also look into Paltrow’s relationship with a New York literary agent whom she is believed to have known since 2008. In last month’s Star, which ran an article about the forthcoming Vanity Fair piece, the friendship between Paltrow and the agent was mentioned. And according to a spokesperson, the magazine received a threatening letter from the actress’s lawyers when she got wind that the gossip mag had got in touch with an ex assistant of the actress to ask about the relationship.

Paltrow’s Pre-Emptive Strike is ‘Highly Unusual’

A magazine staffer explained that to receive communication from legal teams before a star’s agent or publicist has been contacted to warn of an upcoming story is ‘highly unusual’ and ‘almost unheard of’. The Star did not publish an allegation in their article, which suggests a lack of evidence to support their claims.

Paltrow, who has been married to Coldplay front man Chris Martin for a decade, revealed in an interview given last month that she would ‘like to be forgiving’ if her husband had an affair and went on to insinuate that she was open-minded and would not necessarily be deterred from infidelity.

Promoting her new movie ‘Thanks for Asking’ which focusses on the lives of three recovering sex addicts, Paltrow said she had many friends whom she respected and admired who she knew had also had extramarital affairs, but the star insisted that her relationship with Martin was rock solid.


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