How to Give Your Male Affair Dating Partner The Most Mind-Blowing Orgasm

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: September 4, 2014

Your male affair dating partner may truly enjoy having sex with you and seem to have satisfying and intense orgasms, but have you considered how great it would be to give him the most profound sexual experience of his life?  There are a few tricks you can pull out of the bag to give him the most mind blowing orgasm that will all but knock his socks off.  Here are some of the things you can do to bring him to the brink of nirvana.

give him the best orgasm

  • Disregard the myths and get to the real facts of the matter

Every man is an individual and your partner is no exception.  Men have feelings and they respond on a psychological level to the things that they like. When his emotions are in sync with what is going on, they can contribute to the intensity of his orgasm. Find out what he really wants and enjoys instead of believing the many myths that surround male sexuality.

  • Move beyond genital stimulation

Use your hands to touch him. Whether it’s during intercourse, a blow job or foreplay, pay attention all of the other parts of his body as well.  The additional sensations will have a positive impact on his final event. Great sex involves more than merely the genital contact, it is about the entire body and all of the pleasure centres that each individual person finds the greatest gratification from.  He may enjoy having his scrotum massaged, or anal stimulation.  If you don’t know what he gets off on the most, ask him.

  • Be vocal

Let him know what you’re feeling when he’s bringing you to the point of climaxing.  Be descriptive without being vulgar. This can have a powerful effect upon the orgasm he is building.  Encourage him as he hits the right spots by moaning and responding with your body.  Tell him where to put it and how to move it.  This is an erotic form of communication that can have an immense mental effect that brings on a crescendo in the moments leading to climax.

  • Delay the orgasm

When you feel him getting close to exploding, scale back and delay the orgasm two or three times.  By doing this, when he does eventually cum, it will be much more intense and will often last longer.  It’s not recommended to take it beyond three because too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect.

  • Feel his movements and respond with your body

Learn what manoeuvres feel the best for your partner.  After you’ve delayed his orgasm a few times, you’ll feel him building for the final burst of ecstasy.  As you feel his excitement growing, do the things that will help to bring him to the point of no return.  You can accelerate the growing orgasm by moving faster, touching the parts of his body that brings him pleasure as he nears ejaculation.

By following these few simple tips, you’ll be able to bring your male affair partner to sexual heights he’s only ever read about before.  Give him what he wants and desires on a physical and emotional level.  Delay the orgasm in order to build it to insane levels, and then bring him all the way in a final pulsating rush that he won’t forget in a hurry.

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