Have an extramarital affair where you’re in control

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: May 23, 2014

Men who want to have an extramarital affair often dream of having a woman who does what they want when they want it.  Women often dream of having a boy toy that they can play with whenever they feel like it.  This kind of relationship may be hard to find, but it will be well worth the wait for the person who goes out and finds the right kind of partner for them.  When you are in control of your affair, you get to have all the fun and none of the mess.

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  • For the ladies

 Ladies who need a boy toy have many choices in front of them.  There are plenty of men who would prefer to have the woman be in control.  There are other married men who need this experience, but their wives cannot bring themselves to dominate the husband who has taken control for so long. That’s where you come in.  When you find someone who will do what you want, you get the chance to have fun with them and send them away when you are done.

 Even when a man is being very good to you and treating you like the princess that you deserve to be, they are still just someone you can dismiss when you are done with them.  These relationships may suit you better as you get the chance to have your fun and keep to your own routine.  Your affair needn’t take up that much time, and when you are in control, you have all the power you need to live as you see fit.


  • For the men

Many men dream of having a sex kitten that they can enjoy whenever they want.  There are many submissive women out there who need a big, strong man to take charge of them.  These women are willing to do anything you want and they will offer themselves to you whenever you want.  Not only that, but many of these women are also married and just want someone to take control for once.

When you have a sex kitten that will answer all your calls and comes to you when you want, you get to have an affair that is easy.  You can enjoy this woman and send her away once you have had your fun.  You also get to have control over how she dresses for you, how she smells and even what kind of lipstick she wears.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, your affair will be easy to have if you choose the right person from the beginning.  You need to be in control of the relationship, but you must search for someone who will allow you to dominate them and the relationship.  As soon as you find this person, the affair will be easy to maintain and lots of fun for you.  Plus, as the person you’re with enjoys being submissive, it’s a win-win for everybody.

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