My Extra Marital Affair in Melbourne

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Posted: February 24, 2014

As a serial monogamist I’ve pretty much always had a boyfriend, until my last relationship that is. After a very painful split I decided it was time to be single for a while and as far as I was concerned that meant no sex.


Well, my collection of sex toys kept me satisfied for a while, but before long, I was craving a bit of real human contact and desperately in need of a fella. But how could I go about getting what I needed without acquiring a carbuncle (or boyfriend) around my neck?

One day I was surfing the net when I saw an ad for a Marital Affair website and it suddenly struck me that an illicit affair could work for me, because I knew I didn’t want to start a relationship with anyone, I just wanted to get my rocks off!

So I signed up and within minutes I was being bombarded with messages from hopeful blokes looking for a good time. Most of them had of course been hit with the ugly stick but there were a few that shone out.

I started chatting and flirting with a couple of blokes online and let me tell you, even that was a massive turn on. I just felt so naughty! After a couple of weeks chatting to one guy I bit the bullet and arranged to meet.

We went to a quiet little café on the other side of the city from where I live. I had a good feeling about the bloke but I told my best friend what I was up to anyway just to be on the safe side.

When we met face to face he was kind of shy. I was surprised considering some of the things he’d said to me online but I found it pretty endearing and after a couple of beers he loosened up.

He was married but his wife didn’t even live in the country (or so he told me!) so I wasn’t too worried about hurting feelings or getting caught out.

Normally when I date I let the guy take the reins, but this was different. I wasn’t looking for a relationship so I suddenly felt able to be myself and do or say exactly what I wanted.

Believe it or not it was me who made the first move. Within an hour of meeting we were passionately kissing round the corner from the bar where we’d met and I was desperate to take things to the next level.

We found a motel and as one thing led to another I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was not really caring what this bloke thought of me or what he was thinking at all. I found it really gave me the go ahead to let myself go and relax.

Me and this bloke have met up a couple of times since but he’s not the only fella I’ve got on the go! Since I started my sexy Melbourne adventures my confidence has really grown and now when I do decide it’s time to have a relationship again I’ll be coming at it from a much healthier and happier place.

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