When Both Partners are Involved in Married Dating

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Although affairs are often looked upon in a negative light, there are many couples who have an open marriage and do not see sex with other people as detrimental to their union. In fact, many couples embark on married dating as a joint venture and the vast majority of those who do say that it strengthens their marriage. Read More

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Optimal Sexual Performance: Four Tips for Men

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Men are always concerned about their sexual prowess. When virility declines, men see this as a loss of their identity and they may become withdrawn, isolating themselves from any type of intimacy or sexual gratification with a partner even from any interaction on adult dating sites. Using these sexual exercises, physical and mental fitness levels are developed, enhanced and cultivated, leading to greater pleasure for the man and their partners in the bedroom.

Basic exercise routine

While some men routinely hit the gym, many simply don’t have time. Work, family and social demands, coupled with long commutes, leave many men fatigued and drained. Developing just a twenty-minute exercise program at home can help men feel re-energised, with more flexibility and stamina for sex than ever before.

Begin with some basic stretching exercises to loosen the kinks in your body. After five minutes of stretching, try doing some push-ups; they not only build arm and stomach strength – muscles needed for vigorous sexual activity – they also enhance breathing too. Start with five, and slowly build up to three sets of twelve per day.

For even stronger stomach and hips, try doing crunches and bridges. Try a repetition of five and again build up to three repetitions of twelve. Your partner will love your flat stomach and tight bum. 

Kegel exercises

Not just for women, kegel exercises keep the bladder muscles tight and can help prevent premature ejaculation. Learning how to prolong pleasure is key to keeping you and your partner happy and satisfied. To do the kegel exercise, start urinating and then try and stop, counting slowly to ten before re-commencing. With a little practice, you will be well on your way to longer sexual activity!

Sexual touch and masturbation

While men have often viewed masturbation and touching themselves as a secret shame, it is a great way to get in touch with your own body. Lie on your bed in the dark naked and run your hands over your whole body, taking note of how your skin feels. Apply different pressure; pinch, slap, stroke while making a mental note of what feels good so you can relate it to your partner. When you masturbate, take notice of how the pressure feels and translate this to how you would like your partner to perform hand or oral sex.


No longer a hidden pleasure, massage is routinely performed as a sexual exercise by couples to get relaxed and aroused. You don’t need to be a massage expert; there are plenty of how-to DVD’s for couples and you can both have fun learning what does and doesn’t feel good. Take turns massaging each other with scented oil; let each other know how much touch and pressure feels good. Use enhancing oils such as patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and ylang-ylang. These are inexpensive to buy and when added to almond or olive oil can be deeply arousing on the body, leading to a much fuller sexual experience.

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Spot a Dud Adult Dating Lover Before You Hit the Sheets

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bad adult dating lover
No-one wants to start what they think will be a hot, steamy, sexually fulfilling adult dating affair, only to find they have chosen a lousy lover. Time spent with a lover is short, so who wants to spend it giving someone a basic sexual how-to lesson? Despite how sexy a potential partner comes across on a dating site, in an email or even during sexting, they may still turn out to be lousy in the sack. Here’s how to spot a dud lover before you hit the sheets.

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Top Sex Positions for Men

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Attention, all women who want to give their male affair dating partner the most thrilling orgasms possible to make this experience even hotter.  Sometimes changing things up a bit can add a level of new thrills and excitement.  Finding the best possible positions can help you to guide him to the point of insanity before and during his orgasm.  Here are the top rated positions for bringing a man to a spectacular climax.

sex positions for men

  • Doggie style

It’s no shock to see this one on the list. Getting into this position allows a man to deeply penetrate the woman.  When the woman squeezes her buttocks together, the walls of the vagina tighten giving him more friction as he thrusts.  This is one of the favorite positions chosen by men.  It’s easy to make variations by changing the angle and height that the woman is at for different sensations.

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Have You Got a Sexual Bucket List for Adult Dating?

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As we begin to get a bit older, thoughts often turn to the things that have not yet been done including but not exclusively adult dating. Instead of wishing for what has not been, it’s time to start jotting down the things that you wish you had done.  Why not make a bucket list? We’re not talking about a regular schedule of places you’d like to see before you die, but a sexually adventurous agenda.  Any wonderful fantasies you have entertained can, in fact, become a reality.  This can be a great activity for partners or if you’re going solo.  Let your creativity be your guide.  Here are a few tips to help you get on your way to creating your own sexual bucket list that you can tick off on your adult dating adventure.
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How to Give Your Male Affair Dating Partner The Most Mind-Blowing Orgasm

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Your male affair dating partner may truly enjoy having sex with you and seem to have satisfying and intense orgasms, but have you considered how great it would be to give him the most profound sexual experience of his life?  There are a few tricks you can pull out of the bag to give him the most mind blowing orgasm that will all but knock his socks off.  Here are some of the things you can do to bring him to the brink of nirvana.

give him the best orgasm

  • Disregard the myths and get to the real facts of the matter

Every man is an individual and your partner is no exception.  Men have feelings and they respond on a psychological level to the things that they like. When his emotions are in sync with what is going on, they can contribute to the intensity of his orgasm. Find out what he really wants and enjoys instead of believing the many myths that surround male sexuality.

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Sex Toys – Why the Taboo in Relationships?

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The earliest sex toy that has been discovered by archaeologists was made out of flint (ouch!) and dates back to the Palaeolithic era over two million years ago. Yet, sex toys are still, in a lot of social circles, considered a taboo subject. The very words often have people pursing their lips and shaking their heads, never admitting that they might be one of the three in five couples who use a sex toy every time they make love. However, these sexual enhancers can do wonders for affairs. They give pleasure to both parties, break down inhibitions and allow a fling to become ultra-hot by acting out some hidden fantasies.

are sex toys taboo

This global industry rakes in some one and a half billion dollars per year. Their usage became more popular in the 1980’s possibly due to the increase in the home entertainment systems allowing people to enjoy pornography at home. Adult toy stores are now in most cities, and toys can readily and discreetly be bought on-line. So, why is there still the continual sniggering at the mere mention of their name? There are three primary reasons; lack of understanding, personal upbringing and the fact that in some countries, including parts of the USA, they are still illegal!  Read More

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Mistakes Men Make with Their Online Dating Profiles

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It’s funny how setting up an online affair dating profile fills so many men with dread, because with a little understanding of what should be included – and what certainly ought not – guys will find themselves suddenly receiving a great deal more interest from prospective lovers. Before we get into the practicalities remember above all that by creating an online profile, looking for a discreet relationship is entering the Grand Slam of the dating scene. It requires a substantial amount of individual transparency coupled with good taste and an utmost respect for each other’s privacy. A successful profile ought to highlight all of these features, and demonstrate sheer reliability and sincerity above anything else.
bad online dating profile


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