Why Adult Dating is On the Rise for Married Men

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More and more men are turning to adult dating for sexual fulfilment. They are looking for sexual partners other than their spouse to fulfil their sexual needs. Yet, what has caused this increase?

More opportunities
One of the biggest factors that has made an impact on the number of men who choose adult dating is that there are more opportunities for them to do so than ever before. Once, if a man was going to have an affair, he was limited to people he met through work, in his social circle or on a night out. Technological advancements have created more ways for men to get involved in sex dating these days. For example, since the introduction of the Internet, it is simple for a man to sign up to an adult dating site such as Marital Affair using either a computer or a mobile phone. Read More


When Both Partners are Involved in Married Dating

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Although affairs are often looked upon in a negative light, there are many couples who have an open marriage and do not see sex with other people as detrimental to their union. In fact, many couples embark on married dating as a joint venture and the vast majority of those who do say that it strengthens their marriage. Read More

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What Women Look For in Men on Married Dating Sites

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When you join a married dating site, it is not all that different to joining a regular dating site. Women will still find the same types of characteristics attractive in a man regardless of whether they are a married or single. It is important to think about how women will perceive you when you start adult dating so that you can try and create a good first impression. So, what exactly is it that women are looking for on a dating site? Read More

Why One Night Stands are a Part of a Healthy Sex Life

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affair dating
I’ll bet that at some stage in your life, dear reader, you may have decided to participate in a one night stand – most likely more than once too ( that’s what affair dating is for). I’m not talking about drunken fumbles so much here, although there’s a good chance it may have been the happy ending to night out on the town – more I’m referring to having awesome and fun sex with a guy or girl on a one off basis. Difficult to admit isn’t it, considering that for some reason, and god knows why, we are so hung up about one night stands. Read More

Top Tips for Talking Dirty on an Adult Dating Site

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adult dating and talking dirty
Flirting is a fun part of
adult dating and building up attraction with the opposite sex. It takes quite a bit of confidence to be able to able to not only flirt, but talk dirty. Talking dirty in your online adult dating chats can be a real turn on for the right person, but you have to be careful that you know where the line is.

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Spot a Dud Adult Dating Lover Before You Hit the Sheets

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bad adult dating lover
No-one wants to start what they think will be a hot, steamy, sexually fulfilling adult dating affair, only to find they have chosen a lousy lover. Time spent with a lover is short, so who wants to spend it giving someone a basic sexual how-to lesson? Despite how sexy a potential partner comes across on a dating site, in an email or even during sexting, they may still turn out to be lousy in the sack. Here’s how to spot a dud lover before you hit the sheets.

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5 Tips for Maintaining a No Strings Marital Affair

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Married couples in affairs lay all kinds of ground rules for their extra-marital adult dating coupling. When you meet someone with whom you would like to have an affair with, both (or either) of you may bring up the option of a no strings attached relationship. This type of affair means not only is there no possibility of either party leaving their significant other, but both of you, should you choose, can have multiple affairs simultaneously. Here are five tips on maintaining a no strings attached affair.

long lasting marital affair

1. Be Clear From the Get-Go
Negotiating the waters of starting an affair is rarely easy, although very provocative and exciting. Whomever you want to begin a marital affair with, you need to be clear from the beginning that they will not be your one and only sexual partner. Never mislead someone. If the other party squirms, even in the slightest, or asks if you can re-visit the issue down the road, move on. They could be more trouble than they are worth.
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Top Sex Positions for Men

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Attention, all women who want to give their male affair dating partner the most thrilling orgasms possible to make this experience even hotter.  Sometimes changing things up a bit can add a level of new thrills and excitement.  Finding the best possible positions can help you to guide him to the point of insanity before and during his orgasm.  Here are the top rated positions for bringing a man to a spectacular climax.

sex positions for men

  • Doggie style

It’s no shock to see this one on the list. Getting into this position allows a man to deeply penetrate the woman.  When the woman squeezes her buttocks together, the walls of the vagina tighten giving him more friction as he thrusts.  This is one of the favorite positions chosen by men.  It’s easy to make variations by changing the angle and height that the woman is at for different sensations.

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