Top Tips for Talking Dirty on an Adult Dating Site

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adult dating and talking dirty
Flirting is a fun part of
adult dating and building up attraction with the opposite sex. It takes quite a bit of confidence to be able to able to not only flirt, but talk dirty. Talking dirty in your online adult dating chats can be a real turn on for the right person, but you have to be careful that you know where the line is.

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Michelle Bridges: Commando Affair Won’t Harm My Career

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Affair Michelle BridgesAussie fitness entrepreneur Michelle Bridges hit the headlines last year following an affair with her Biggest Loser co-star Steve Willis, but in a recent interview the personal trainer and fitness guru said that she would not let the extramarital affair affect her career and attested that the recent difficulties she has suffered would only serve to make her stronger, commenting that she was looking forward to a number of exciting new business ventures this year.

Discussing her difficult year following the revelations of her infidelity with Willis, who is known as ‘Commando’, Bridges commented ‘that’s life’. She went on to say that we all have a professional and personal life but in most cases the two are kept separate, adding that she believed the public understand who she is and what she stands for.  Read More

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Neighbours to Address Extramarital Affairs

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In a recent interview for Digital Spy, soap king Ryan Maloney, who plays Jared Rebechi in Neighbours, hinted that an extramarital affair storyline could be on the cards for him and his on screen wife.


Although he didn’t confirm or deny that the storyline would go ahead, Maloney hinted that Sonya and Toadie’s marriage may be due for a shakeup in order to keep audiences interested in the relationship.

Maloney explained that Eve Moray, who plays his wife Sonya on the show was very attached to the character and would hate the idea of Sonya cheating, whilst the strength of Toadie’s character lies in his integrity and desire to do the right thing, which means if an affair occurs in the relationship, it certainly won’t be cut and dried as to who is to blame. Read More

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Gwyneth ‘Affair’ Exposed by Vanity Fair

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Gwyneth Paltrow vanity fairThere’s a media storm surrounding the forthcoming edition of Vanity Fair as rumours abound that the next issue will accuse Gwyneth Paltrow of having an affair with billionaire property developer Jeff Sofer, husband of Australian supermodel Elle Macpherson.

A spokesperson for Paltrow has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming that the pair are ‘just good friends’ but it’s believed that Vanity Fair have been conducting a detailed investigation into Paltrow’s private affairs since 2008, when she was caught looking cosy with Soffer at a Miami party.

The high end fashion magazine, which is not well known for probing investigative reporting, may also have delved into the ‘Sliding Doors’ actress’s friendship with a married literary agent, it was reported in the Daily Mail.  Read More

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Australian DJ Ruby Rose Claims Demi Lovato Affair

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demi lovato love affair

Hotter than hot Aussie DJ, actor, TV presenter and general girl about town Ruby Rose has made millions of teenage boys everywhere very happy by claiming that she had a fling with Disney pop sensation and X Factor Judge Demi Lovato.

Rose, who splits her time between Australia and LA, has already spoken out about her relationships with famous men including former ‘That 70s Show’ actor Wilmer Valderama, but her claims made on Twitter last Sunday have shocked Lovato’s fans and caused a global social media storm as clammy handed tabloid journo’s everywhere desperately attempt to churn out their sleazy take on the alleged affair and get in on the action.

Bisexual Affair Scandal Breaks on Twitter

The scandal began when Rose responded to Twitter comments suggesting that the two had been an item, and accused one of the singer’s friends of attacking her for being a ‘scorned ex-lover’. She went on to post a message on Instagram claiming that she was ‘the one person Demi had slept with who didn’t sell naked photos of her’, but the message was quickly deleted from her account as she received a torrent of abuse from Lovato fans. Since the story broke Lovato has remained silent, whilst Rose has asserted that she did not initiate the revelations but could not stand by and let lies become the truth.

Lovato’s Bi-Sexual Glee Storyline Adds Fuel to Fire

Lovato’s recent appearance playing a bi-sexual character in Glee, in which she shared a screen kiss with Naya Rivera, has added fuel to the fire and prompted many to urge Lovato to come forward and let the world know the truth about her sexuality whilst more cynical commentators have suggested that Rose’s assertions are part of a carefully planned publicity stunt designed to raise the profiles of both women.

Who is Ruby Rose?

ruby rose love affairRose first made a name for herself in the media when she came second in a modelling competition in iconic teen magazine girlfriend and promptly got engaged to the competition winner Catherine McNeil, although the pair later split.

Rose then beat more than 2000 hopefuls to become an MTV VJ in Australia and in 2009 became co-host of The 7pm Project, a weekly news talk show. In 2010 she hosted the Australian version of Ultimate School Musical and became an official correspondent for the winter Olympics.

The VJ has now turned her hand to acting and is currently living in LA where she set to co-star opposite Christina Ricci in new movie ‘Around the Block’.

Australia’s Most Powerful Lesbian?

Rose came out at the age of 12 and suffered both verbal and physical abuse growing up, the actor and VJ was even hospitalised at the age of 16 after being attacked due to her sexuality.

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