How to Have the Best Affair Dating Ever?

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: August 29, 2014

Embarking on an affair dating is a time of intrigue, excitement, anticipation and anxiety for both sexes. Once you have made the decision to join Marital Affair, the possibilities seem endless. Being discreet, yet friendly is essential and, with a little forward planning, you can be on your way to having the best affair daing ever. If you’re nervous about where to begin and how to conduct yourself – read on!

have the best affair dating

Have A Killer Profile

We live in a ten-second attention span society. When you write your profile remember you are describing the most interesting person on the planet….you! Don’t be shy in discussing your attributes, and while you may fib a bit on your height and weight, don’t go overboard. If you are a five-foot ten gentleman, saying you are six feet tall is okay, just not six-foot four! The same goes for the ladies, if you have C-cup breasts, try describing them as the most bodacious extra-large C-cups ever, but not double DD’s.

The second thing is to have a great photo. No-one wants to see a photo of you standing next to the old jalopy, or one at a parent and teacher meeting. Instead, try taking a glamour shot in a really nice tight-fitting suit or, for the ladies, a cocktail dress. There’s no harm in giving the opposite sex a little tease. Don’t forget to smile either; there is no bigger turn-off than a dour looking face online!

Keep An Open Mind

After creating a fabulous profile with pictures, it is a given that you will get messages from members of the opposite sex, all hot at the prospect of having an affair dating with you. At this point it is essential to keep an open mind; don’t grab the first person who comes along. Read lots of profiles, interact with as many people as you can and let the excitement build.

While exchanging light banter, don’t worry if someone doesn’t necessarily seem like your type. Exchange a few messages, they are there for the same reasons you are and you might end up being pleasantly surprised. Here is a chance to fulfil your wildest fantasies, whether they are your type or not. Narrow your choices, and keep a few prospects on the back burner!

Exchange Hot Messages

Hot affairs don’t start with talking about the taxes or the kids! After introductions are made, engage in some hot talk. While some prospects will be more show than go, you will probably find someone who is ultra-excited about participating in whatever fantasies you have in mind. Go for it!

Meeting In Person 

When you finally decide to meet someone for an affair dating, remember safety first. While it’s fine to bring toys and sexy lingerie to the party, always keep your safety in mind. Meet in a public place first, preferably away from where anyone knows you, and take it from there. Don’t forget condoms; a safe affair is a successful affair for everyone.

Accept When It Is Over

An affair dating can be just a temporary relationship to act out your wildest, unfulfilled fantasies and hopefully discover some more along the journey. These types of relationships don’t last, so accept when they are over and move on gracefully. Remember, there are lots more where that came from!

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