Adult Dating Versus Friends With Benefits

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: July 22, 2015

adult dating

If you are looking for a purely sexual relationship, then friends with benefits is a popular route to take these days. However, it can be argued that joining a site for adult dating is often the better option. Here are some of the many reasons why this is the case:

Emotional involvement

One of the main problems with having friends with benefits is that there is already a certain level of emotional involvement between the two of you based on your friendship. This can lead to a problem if one person’s feelings develop further, while the other wants things to remain the same.

On the other hand, if you join an adult dating site you will start your sexual relationship with no emotional involvement at all. You and your sex dating partner are likely to be both looking for no strings attached sex, so you run less risk of one person becoming too emotionally involved.

Putting friendships at risk

Another disadvantage of having friends with benefits is that you are putting your friendship at risk. Problems that may arise from your sexual relationship together have the potential to end your friendship. Consider whether this is something you are really willing to take a chance with.

Also, it can impact directly on your friendships with others in your shared social circle. They may feel that they have to take sides and end their friendship with one of you. This is a problem that is entirely removed by choosing to find a sex partner through an adult personals site.


If you want to keep your sex life discreet, then sex dating is definitely the better option. When you are having casual sex with a friend, keeping it under wraps can be tricky. Other friends may read signals in your body language or may notice you leaving events together.

Another problem may develop if the friend you are having sex with tells another friend in confidence and then that friend in turn then tells another friend in confidence. Before you know it, everyone you know is in on what you hoped was a secret. Opting for affair dating means that you are practically guaranteed discretion because both of you want exactly the same thing – NSA fun.

Problems ending the sexual relationship

A further potential problem may come when you attempt to end the sexual side of a relationship with a friend with benefits. You may decide that you want a long-term serious relationship with someone else and then find it hard to extract yourself from your sexual relationship with your friend. With adult dating, you will not have the same problem. People who enter into this type of dating are fully aware that it is a short-term relationship that is solely based on sex.

Overall, choosing adult dating over friends with benefits seems to make sense. Although this is not an arrangement that will suit everybody, it will certainly remove some of the potential complications that having a friend with benefits can involve.


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