Adult Dating: 8 Ways To Get On-Top

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: March 22, 2013

adult-dating-tipsEven though adult dating is a little different from the normal dating teenagers indulge in, it is important to follow certain etiquette to make sure that your date does not remember you for all the wrong reasons. Here are some tips that will enable you to become a master of the dating world.


  1. Take a shower before you go out on a date. This will ensure that you turn up for your date fresh, clean and smelling sweet. Your personal hygiene will make an instant impression on your date.
  2. Make sure that you make it in time for your first date. Turning up late will send out a very bad signal to your adult dating partner. Whatever the reason for the delay, it will not create a good impression and she may even feel like she has been stood up. If you are going to pick her up from her place, then it is advisable to reach the location at least five minutes in advance.
  3. On your first date with your new partner, ensure that you bring her a gift which is both thoughtful and makes her feel beautiful. This will definitely make her feel confident about herself and ensure that you get off on the right foot and have a fun date.
  4. While you are out with your dating partner, it is important to not behave in a rash manner. Do simple things like pay her compliments and make her feel special. If you treat your partner like a lady should be treated, you will find that she reciprocates in a favourable way.
  5. There is a whole lot of difference between compliments and flattery. While you are complimenting her on her attire or her looks, do not go overboard with it. Complimenting too often will make you seem superfluous and she might doubt your honesty.
  6. Strike a good conversation when you are with your adult dating partner. Listen attentively when she talks and ask her questions in between to make sure you sound interested. If you genuinely listen to her talking, you will be able to please your date and she will find you a lot more interesting.
  7. You need to have plenty of interesting topics to talk to your date about. If you cannot be creative and think of things, then it is important to prepare in advance. The topics that you choose should be mild and nice. Anything too hard, personal or political where you might end up debating should be avoided altogether. It is important to remind yourself to have a good time and not a war of words.
  8. Always offer to pay for the date yourself. Generally women appreciate this. However, there are some who prefer to contribute, so if they make this clear, then let them.

With the help of these useful tips, you will be able to please your adult dating partner in the best possible manner and open the doors for all the fun that can follow.

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