Adult dating advice for shy guys

Posted by Marital Affair
Posted: September 26, 2013

It can often happen that a guy wants to approach a woman but is able to say things only in his head. The problem for quite a few guys is that they feel afraid of women and are very wary of making the wrong comments in their presence. Adult dating by nature is a very different scenario and requires a certain element of energy and the right moves. It is not about what you say to a girl, it is about how you say it.

Shy Guy Adult DatingAdult dating or Adult personals require a little self introspection as well as an understanding of reality. So if you have any high preconceptions about ‘the’ most beautiful woman or ‘the’ most perfect woman who would want just what you want then you had better get hitched to a telepathic woman or a crystal ball gazer.

Get your conceptions of the real world right first. That does not go to say that there are no beautiful or perfect women out there, but it is better to go out with reasonable expectations of finding someone who you can get on with and you really like.

Here are two possible scenarios that might just be very similar to your situation. If you follow the tips handed out during the course of these two scenarios, you will not only be able to hang on to a girl, but also get yourself a long healthy relationship or a one night stand depending what you want.

So let us begin from scratch. What is it that you want? Ask yourself this question before jumping in and most of your problems will get solved. The answer to that question could vary from person to person and your answer could be different from week to week. Not going into the various nuances of what a man’s likes and dislikes could be, we shall categorise the two biggest kinds.

Adult dating scenario 1: A long healthy relationship

So, if you are the kind of person who believes that love happens once only and are looking for the ideal match who will stay faithful to you forever, this scenario would suit you.

Look for a woman in the ideal location. If you enjoy a specific kind of music, go to a club that plays that kind of music and look around. Let us say you do succeed in finding a woman who is reasonably matched to your expectations. You could try to make a passing comment in her direction but not directly at her.

Maybe something like ‘great band isn’t it?’ could do it. Depending on the opening line, she could react in a number of different ways. If she is shy or just not interested, she may not respond. On the other hand if she does respond, or smiles at you, you could take the conversation from there. Remember, the first comment and how you make it is what matters. It is your ground work from the conversation that will carry you further.

Adult dating scenario 2: Wham bam…Thank you ma’am


Shy Guy Got Lucky Adult Dating

So if your needs are inclined more towards the second type of relationship, namely a one-night stand, you should follow these steps. Go to a club that plays the kind of music people usually dance to. Next, once you find a woman that you find attractive, dance with her. If she is not dancing already ask her for a dance or offer to buy her a drink. Once she responds favourably you will know how to keep the conversation going, or if there is an instant connection between the two of you, maybe you could spend sometime talking and then head back to your flat.

Here’s hoping that your adult dating experience is highly enjoyable and you also get exactly what you hoped. Remember to keep things simple and most of all to steer the conversations the right way.


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