5 Tips for Maintaining a No Strings Marital Affair

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Posted: October 9, 2014

Married couples in affairs lay all kinds of ground rules for their extra-marital adult dating coupling. When you meet someone with whom you would like to have an affair with, both (or either) of you may bring up the option of a no strings attached relationship. This type of affair means not only is there no possibility of either party leaving their significant other, but both of you, should you choose, can have multiple affairs simultaneously. Here are five tips on maintaining a no strings attached affair.

long lasting marital affair

1. Be Clear From the Get-Go
Negotiating the waters of starting an affair is rarely easy, although very provocative and exciting. Whomever you want to begin a marital affair with, you need to be clear from the beginning that they will not be your one and only sexual partner. Never mislead someone. If the other party squirms, even in the slightest, or asks if you can re-visit the issue down the road, move on. They could be more trouble than they are worth.

2. Do You Have Time and Energy?
Multiple sexual partners require not only some careful, often devious planning, but some stellar sexual energy. No partner, even a no strings attached one, wants to feel like they are getting the dregs of your sexual energy and interest. Decide in advance what time both of you can spare, and if someone can’t make it to a rendezvous, your little black book might yield another discreet partner who can. Be prepared that a no strings attached affair could mean long time frames when you can’t actually be with a specific person.

3. Live in the Moment
When you can hook-up with your no strings attached affair partner, live in the moment. Treat them respectfully; remember their name, their favourite wine, and their sexual interests. Although normal conversation may be short, do listen to what they have to say. You should also never promise more than you can reasonably give. Appreciation goes a long way in maintaining a no strings marital affair too.

4. Use a Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy
No strings marital affairs means that one, or both, of you may have various other hotties on the go. Discussing each other’s casual partners; their likes, dislikes and how good they might be in bed, is rarely a good idea. Jealousy and stalker like behaviour can quickly develop. Employ a don’t ask, don’t tell policy, and leave it there.

5. Be Discreet
Having multiple sexual partners’ always calls for discretion, using your common sense will usually see you right. If you take partner A to a specific hotel/motel, find another one for partner B. This is always worth doing, or some awkward moments could develop. Of course you could still end up encountering each other at the movies, out strolling in the park, or in the supermarket with your significant others. A little pre-planning on a mutually accepted alibi can go a long way, especially if you have to make chit chat.

In the end, no strings attached affairs, can work, as long as both parties are honest about their expectations. Being able to live in the moment with your current sexual flame, not asking them about their other partner(s), and being the soul of discretion, can go a long way in maintaining a no strings attached marital affair.

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